Hand-made with Viking Inspiration...

Mrs. Fiske is the wife of machinist Phil Abrahamsen, owner of Fiske Custom Machining LLC. Phil's strong viking bloodline and historical culture are the inspiration for many of his wife's creations. Like her husband, Mrs. Fiske needs busy hands. The product of which many enjoy in their homes and on their person. Though Mrs. Fiske's designs are primarily available a select few times per year at local craft shows, you can own some of her work here by purchasing on-line and having her work shipped directly to your home.


Chainmaille (or chainmail or just plain maille) is one of the earliest forms of metal armor. Some of the earliest maille pieces have been found in the graves of Celtic warriors from more than 2,700 years ago.  Many think of Europe and knights in shining armor when hearing the word chainmaille, but it was also used by the Egyptians, the Vikings of Scandinavia, the Japanese, and countless other cultures.

Chainmaille is created by linking numerous metal rings to each other in overlapping patterns. In historical times, the metal was often iron and each link was not only placed, but then welded shut. In jewelry, the emphasis is on it's decorative nature more than its protective properties.

Viking Knit

Hand-made chains created with a looping pattern have been found in Viking treasure troves in Scandinavia. These chains are created with metal that has been pulled thin into wire after being melted down from coins. The technique is very similar today, though we don't usually melt down coins for our silver wire.

Wire is looped around a wooden, metal or plastic dowel in a single, double or triple knit pattern countless times. The wire tube is then removed from the dowel and pulled through a draw plate many times through holes that gradually decrease in size to create a uniform and lengthened tube of Viking Knit. Sometimes Viking Knit is used around objects other than a dowel and left in place as a decorative pattern.





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